Here you'll find posts about both the software and the Backdrop community.

Config Recipes - A Possible Path Forward

We are very close to merging (this PR has now been merged) a pull request into the 1.20 branch of Backdrop CMS that will make it possible to create simple recipes in the form of modules with nothing but a .info file and a batch of config files. While not trivial to create, these "recipe" modules could in theory be downloaded from, installed through the UI, and enabled just like any other module. 

Change in Meeting Schedule

We've made a change in how we schedule our weekly development, outreach, and design/ux meetings to better accommodate our international participants. Participants in the southern hemisphere were experiencing 4 time changes per year due to daylight savings with a total swing of 2 hours, while participants in the USA experienced consistent start times all year. 

Life as a Backdrop CMS core committer

Man on lounge with laptop

When I was first approached about being a Backdrop CMS core committer, I was both humbled and more than a little scared. I'm extremely grateful to the PMC for having the confidence in me to offer me this role in the community, but the amount of responsibility they were handing over made me a bit hesitant. Could I do this? What if I made mistakes? What did they expect of me time-wise? This article aims to pull back the curtain and show how easy (and rewarding) it is to be a Backdrop core committer.

An engaging and interactive Backdrop LIVE

screenshot of mural board set up for Backdrop LIVE

We have been experimenting with the use of a Mural Board for the upcoming Backdrop LIVE.

MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration, where everyone can do their best work together.

In other words, a Mural Board is a fancy virtual white board that can be used for collaboration and facilitating virtual meetings. 

Backdrop LIVE is March 12-13 (or 14th in some places)

Backdrop CMS version 2 will not be released before January 2025

A hand, holding a clock with wings. Holding on to elusive time.

Drupal 7 extended its end-of-life date until November 2022. This change has prompted questions from the community about the intended release date for Backdrop 2.0.

Initially, we had scheduled the 2.0 release date for "not before" Jan 2024, intending to give everyone at least 2 years to get from Drupal 7 to Backdrop 1.x before potentially removing the Drupal compatibility layer.