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Project Sponsors

  • Randy Fay, LLC (rfay)
  • Robert Ristroph (rgristroph)
  • Ninjitsu Technologies, Inc.
  • Daniel Fylstra (dfylstra)


  • Darius Garza, Design Director

IndieGoGo Campaign Donors

  • Dave Reid
  • Emma Jane
  • Cameron Eagans
  • Ron Northcutt
  • Ryan Price
  • Matt Cheney
  • Doug Vann
  • Brian Frias
  • Alan Tabor
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Products and Services Sponsors

Thanks to the following companies for providing sponsorship through services and products which may be used by Backdrop contributors to build and improve the project:


BrowserStack for interface testing across desktop and mobile browsers. (Contact if you need access.)


JetBrains for use of the PHPStorm IDE for development. (Contact for a license.)


Fastly Free CDN services for all properties.


GitHub for collaboration and code management tools.


ZenCI for continuous automated testing.

TugBoat QA for automatic sandboxes used for testing.

Linode for web hosting.

1Password for keeping our passwords safe.

SendGrid for getting our emails into your inboxes.

Zulip for providing the platform that allows us to chat.