There are lots of ways you can try Backdrop CMS. Check the list below to find one that matches your needs.

Create a hosted Backdrop site on Pantheon in minutes!

Pantheon Logo

Pantheon is a performance-optimized hosting platform, full of great developer tools that make updates easy, so your site stays secure. Free development sites -- you only pay once a site goes live.

  1. Create a Pantheon account or sign in to an existing account.
  2. Create a Backdrop CMS site on Pantheon.
  3. Visit the development site
  4. Run the Backdrop Installer + Create a user account
  5. Play
Spin up on Pantheon

Deploy a Backdrop site to hosting is a second-generation Platform-as-a-Service built especially for continuous deployment. It allows you to host web applications on the cloud while making your development and testing workflows more productive.

  1. Create a new free trial account.
  2. initialize your project using the pre-made Backdrop template
  3. Build and deploy your Backdrop site
  4. Play


Deploy on

Create a local Backdrop site with Lando

Lando Logo

Lando simplifies the process of setting up local development sites, letting you focus on the fun parts. You can quickly and easily set up Backdrop, WordPress, and Drupal websites with all the local development tools you need!

  1. Install Lando (available for Mac OS 10.10+, Windows 10 Pro+, and Linux)
  2. Once Lando is installed, run lando init in an existing codebase, or add a custom .lando.yml config file to the root of your Backdrop site (read the docs for full info on configuration possibilities)
  3. Run lando start
  4. Play

Here's a video specifically about using Lando to develop with Backdrop.

Download Lando

Create a local Backdrop site on DDEV

DDEV simplifies integrating the power and consistency of containerization into your workflows. Set up environments in minutes; switch contexts and projects quickly and easily; speed your time to deployment. We handle the complexity. You get on with the valuable part of your job.

  1. Install DDEV-Local
  2. Set up a Backdrop project
  3. Run the Backdrop Installer + Create a user account
  4. Play
Download DDEV-local

Create a free demo sandbox to try Backdrop CMS

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Use your own, free, demonstration website to take Backdrop CMS for a spin.

  1. Visit the demo page
  2. Click the "Create a demo sandbox" button
  3. Click the "Visit your site" button
  4. Run the Backdrop Installer + Create a user account
  5. Play
Visit the demo page