Extend what Backdrop can do by adding on modules, themes, or layouts.


Modules can add new features to your Backdrop site, or extend and improve existing functionality.

Backdrop already includes a handful of the most common and useful modules. Pick and choose from hundreds of other contributed modules provided by trusted members of the Backdrop community, or write your own!

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Themes are skins for your site that allow you to change the look, feel, and general appearance.

You'll likely want to create your own custom Backdrop theme. If you want to start from something other than the built-in Basis theme, you can also browse our library of contributed themes. Fear not, changing the theme on a Backdrop site won't have any effect on other settings.

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Layout Templates

Layout Templates divide pages on your site into different columns or regions where content can be placed.

Backdrop's primary tool for positioning content is through Layouts. The Layout module allows you to assign specific "templates" to your site or to specific pages on your site. A "layout template" is the template that defines regions in which pieces of content may be placed.

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Distributions are packages containing Backdrop core plus additional modules, themes, layouts, and configuration.

Distributions, also known as Installation profiles, combine Backdrop core, contributed modules, one or more themes, possibly layouts, and pre-defined configuration files. Though custom distributions can be created and managed for Backdrop sites, they are not currently available on backdropcms.org.