With Drupal 7 rapidly approaching end-of-life, Backdrop CMS provides a straightforward upgrade to a secure, fast, stable, actively maintained, free and open-source alternative.

Why Backdrop?

  • Mature and stable. Backdrop is an evolution of the Drupal 7 software, based on a proven codebase that powers hundreds of thousands of the world's largest and most demanding websites.
  • Modernized and improved. Backdrop includes hundreds of improvements for developers, website architects and content editors.
  • Everything is included. While Drupal 7 sites typically required dozens of contributed modules, the functionality of over 70 of the most commonly used Drupal 7 contributed modules has been included in Backdrop core, so you will not need to install and configure them separately. These modules include Views, CKEditor, Pathauto, Redirect, Token, and many others.
  • Powerful New Features. Backdrop includes completely new functionality, like a powerful layout system, state-of-the-art configuration management, and in-place core updates.
  • Highly secure. Backdrop has its own dedicated Security Team, which works in close coordination with Drupal's Security Team.
  • Familiar. Developers who know how to work with Drupal 7 will feel right at home in Backdrop, since the API changes have been kept to the absolute minimum.
  • Runs fast, even on shared hosting. Backdrop will always aim to keep the server requirements low, to keep the ongoing cost of hosting a Backdrop site reasonable. You can keep your site on the same server infrastructure as it is now, and it will run faster.
  • Here to stay. Backdrop CMS has been around for more than 8 years now, a period over which we have released 25 minor versions. Always on-time. Every 4 months.
  • A supportive and vibrant open-source community. You'll always have a place to turn to for answers.

Moving your site to Backdrop CMS

Once you have decided to upgrade your Drupal 7 site to Backdrop, what comes next? Here are some options:

Do it yourself
If you're comfortable working with Drupal 7, you'll be right at home with Backdrop. Follow our complete upgrade instructions, and our friendly and supportive community can help if you face any challenges.
Request conversion
Streamline your search: submit a Drupal to Backdrop Conversion Request. Provide us with some basic information about your site, and we'll send you a list of people who would like to assist.

The Backdrop CMS Services Page lists dozens of people and firms who can help you with the process of moving your Drupal 7 site to Backdrop, as well as maintaining the site long-term.

Welcome to the Backdrop community!