1. Pelerine

    Dress up your Backdrop website with a fancy cape.

    Set a strong color statement with one of the included background images or create a
    custom subtheme.

    Easy to configure (just a single setting does it all).

    Easy to extend, a starterkit subtheme is included.

  2. Lateral

    Highly configurable and mobile friendly Backdrop CMS theme.

    Available options:

  3. Shasetsu

    Shasetsu (Japanese for "Editorial") is a magazine-like sub-theme of Basis. It
    was inspired by the look and feel of the HTML5 UP Editorial template
    which is built around a toggleable sidebar.

  4. Thesis

    Thesis extends Basis, the default theme in Backdrop. More precisely, it doesn't
    do much on its own, but it provides a place which lets you extend Basis easily.
    Thesis provides a good start to give your Backdrop site a different look.

  5. Lumi

    A customisable admin theme that lets you select from various colour schemes.
    Perfect for cold, wintery days.

  6. Borg

    This is the theme used on backdropcms.org, forum.backdropcms.org and other
    Backdrop web properties. Also, resistance is futile.

  7. Tatsu

    A flexible sub theme of BASIS that allows a site editor or manager to make
    maximum color/visual customizations through the user interface.

  8. Pretty in Purple

    Pretty in Purple is a very basic blog theme with purple accents.

  9. minicss

    This is a basic theme built with mini.css ver.3.0.1 - minimal, responsive, style-agnostic CSS framework.

  10. Atomium

    This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for
    complete text.

  11. Corporate KISS

    Corporate KISS is a simple clean theme that is meant to look nice for business
    or corporate web sites. It is written in nothing but pure CSS, with no
    template files. It fully relies on Backdrop's core layout system for layout.

  12. Elevation

    Deleted, due to license restrictions. Sorry about this.

  13. Bootstrap Lite

    It's a clean and minimal Backdrop-oriented Bootstrap-based theme inspired by the Drupal Bootstrap theme.

  14. Basis (Contrib)

    Contrib version of default theme in Backdrop, this repo is used to create experimental features and may add features that we don't plan to add to core.

  15. Basis

    Default theme in Backdrop.

  16. ZURB Foundation 6


    This theme uses the Foundation 6.2 CSS/Javascript framework from ZURB for a base theme.

  17. Summer Fun


    Summer Fun is a sand-coloured "pretty" theme for something nice out of the box.

    This theme is updated for Backdrop CMS 1.4+! It contains the page-width admin UI setting.

  18. News Arrow


    News Arrow is a basic, black and white, simple blank canvas theme:

    This theme is updated for Backdrop CMS 1.4+! It contains the page-width admin UI setting.

  19. Materialize


    Materialize is a "pretty" theme for something nice for websites out of the box. It has a lot of "bells and whistles" and is not be a "lightweight, basic standard theme".

  20. GDI_Tribute

    GDI Tribute
  21. Afterlight Tribute

    Afterlight Tribute

    Afterlight Tribute is a monochromatic blog theme with an option for a full-screen background image. It is a simple blank canvas theme.

  22. ZURB Foundation 5


    This theme is NOT updated for Backdrop CMS 1.4+ and not currently supported. Use at your own risk.

  23. Teamwork 15

    As of April 2019 we are making an attempt to revise this theme and bring it into working order. We are happy to make this theme a community project and an opportunity for front end themers or site manager to contrib towards the development of a new theme.

  24. Cleanish Theme

    Cleanish is a port of Clean theme by www.devsaran.com. Cleanish is a fixed
    width (980px) theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very
    light-weight for fast loading with a modern look.

  25. Wormhole

    Bundler is the standard for managing Ruby gem dependencies, and it is highly encouraged you use it to ensure that your project is using the correct version of required gems.