Backdrop CMS is currently seeking funding to pay for hosting costs, design resources, and marketing assets. Backdrop CMS would eventually like to also staff a team of part-time developers to focus on bug-fixes and features for upcoming releases.

Donations using the button above are through the Software Freedom Conservancy, the fiscal sponsor of Backdrop. The Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations made in this way are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens.

If you would like to send a check please make it payable to “Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.” and to place “Directed donation: Backdrop CMS” in the memo field. Mail to:

Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.
137 Montague ST STE 380


A donation to the Backdrop Foundation will result in a wonderful thank-you gift sporting our logo, or the friendly Dragon, Drop. T-shirts distributed for $25.00 donations, or cozy hoodies for $50.00 (US shipping included). Show your support for Backdrop CMS!

$50 Dragon Hoodie
$25 Dragon T-Shirt
$25 Logo T-Shirt


You write code? That's great, we love code! Please consider creating and/or maintaining add-ons for Backdrop CMS. You'll need to join us in the Contributed Project Group on GitHub, but we'd love to have you!

If you would prefer to contribute to Backdrop itself, please See our handbook on contributing to Backdrop core.


Backdrop CMS needs design help too. If you are a designer and wonder where you fit in, here are a few areas where we can use you:

  • Web: Our own website will periodically need new features designed and added.
  • Print: We also need printed assets to help us spread the word about Backdrop.
  • Interfaces: If you are an interaction designer or care about user experience, Backdrop CMS has a handful of issues that could use some attention.

If any of these tasks sound appealing to you, please contact us and we'll put you to work!

 Write content

Have something to share with the larger Backdrop community? We'd love it if you would write a post for the Backdrop CMS blog! Topics of interest include: cool things you've done with Backdrop CMS, your recent experiences at tech events, or things you just want to share.

Please see our guidelines for contributions.

 Discuss ideas

Have big ideas about the future of Backdrop? We'd love to hear them! Please join us in the Backdrop Forum. Add a comment to an existing discussion, or start your own!

 Review or test changes

If you know how to use Backdrop CMS, we could use your help testing our work. Check the GitHub issue queue for issues that are tagged with pr - needs testing or pr - needs code review. There is a sandbox site created automatically for each PR, and we could use some help testing those sites for the intended changes.

 Report bugs

To report a bug in Backdrop please first search the list of open bugs to see if there are already people working on a solution. If your bug is not listed, please create a new issue. If you think you have found a potential security issue, please contact the Backdrop CMS Security Team directly at or review our recent security announcements at

 Request features

To request a new feature in Backdrop please first search the list of open feature requests to see if there are already people working on a solution. If your feature is not listed, please create a new issue.

 Attend Meetings

Project Meetings: Backdrop has several recurring meetings you should feel free to join or watch at any time. There is a weekly developer meeting Thursdays at 1pm PT and fortnightly design and outreach meetings every other Thursday at 12noon PT. [iCal feed]

 Meet Up

Tech Camps and Conferences: There are many tech events where people will be talking about Backdrop CMS. Attend an event in your area to hear more, or talk to members of hte Backdrop community in person. [iCal feed]

Community Meet-Ups: If you are interested in starting a local community meet-up, or if you already host one and would like to include Backdrop CMS as a recurring topic of interest, please let us know.

 Keep Up

Sign up for our newsletter: The Backdrop newsletter will arrive in your inbox about once a month. It contains important news and updates about Backdrop CMS.