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Creating and/or maintaining modules, themes, or layouts for Backdrop CMS

In order to work on contributed modules, themes, or layouts for Backdrop CMS, you'll need to be a part of our growing contributor community on GitHub.

To join, create a request (as an issue) in the contrib queue: backdrop-ops/contrib/issues/new. You'll also be able to get help and support for working on your contributed project in this queue.

Benefits of joining:

  • Benefit from official security procedures for keeping your code healthy.
  • Version information packaged into GitHub download automatically.
  • Co-maintain your project with other Backdrop contrib developers.
  • Share the responsibilities of managing all the issue queues.
  • Collaborate with the larger Backdrop community.

Requirements to join:

  • You must agree to the Backdrop Contributed Project Agreement.
  • You must provide one of the following:
    • a link to a new Backdrop project under your own GitHub account for a quick spot-check 
    • at least 2 links to Pull Requests or commits to existing Backdrop projects
    • at least 1 recommendation from a person who is already a member of the backdrop-contrib group.

Please note: It will be easy to transfer a repository from your own GitHub account to the backdrop-contrib GitHub group after you have access.

New Project Checklist

All new projects must meet these minimum requirements:

  • If it is a forked Drupal 7 project, it must maintain the Git history from Drupal 7. (See this article.)
  • Include a file that includes license and maintainer information. (You can use this example.)
  • Include a LICENSE.txt file that indicates the contributed code is GPL-2.0, or in rare cases GPL-3.0. (Please use this text for GPL-2.0.)


For more information, please read the backdrop-contrib group