Why use Backdrop CMS?

 Works great on phones & tablets.

Every Backdrop site is always responsive. Visitors enjoy a great mobile experience. Administrators can manage content from anywhere.

 Serve pages fast, even on shared hosting.

Backdrop is lean and mean. With a focus performance, Backdrop solves all the common problems and eliminates cruft.

  Add more functionality quickly.

Browse and install add-ons directly from your Backdrop site. No need to scour the internet for available modules, themes, and layouts.

  Infinitely Customizable.

Need to add your own special touches? You're in luck, Backdrop has a robust API and can be modified in any number of ways with only a few lines of custom code.

 Deploy changes easily.

Make configuration changes on a development site. Deploy those changes to production with the easy-to-use Configuration Management interface.

 Switch from Drupal 7.

Backdrop has a built-in upgrade path from Drupal 7, and will be very familiar to people with Drupal experience.

 Available now

Backdrop is stable, and available for download today. Join the hundreds of people saving time and money with Backdrop CMS!