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Help wanted - finalizing Backdrop CMS 1.22.0

Backdrop CMS is one month away from our 23nd on-time release, version 1.22.0. Every 4 months, we release a new version which brings with it new improvements and features to Backdrop CMS. Feature freeze is scheduled for May 1, 2022 and the release will be on May 15th. In the final weeks of each release cycle, there is a frenzy of activity and we try to get new improvements finalized and approved. 

Why we moved two Stanford websites to Backdrop CMS

Stanford On and Off Campus Opportunities

Stanford On and Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO) began in 2015 when Stanford’s Office of International affairs contacted us, Aten Design Group, with an exciting idea. They wanted to create a platform where Stanford staff and faculty could build custom forms to collect applications for academic opportunities. In just a few months we launched a lean proof-of-concept built on Drupal 7.

Layouts and their Paths

For people coming to Backdrop from Drupal 7 (and those starting Backdrop from scratch), layouts are often one of the most difficult new concepts to grasp. One of the challenging aspects can be figuring out (or setting) which URL(s) a given layout will be applied on. In this blog post, I’ll discuss some of the technical aspects of layouts that might help users build an overall “mental model” of how layouts work.

To start, let me point out some existing useful links relevant to layouts:

Enable Telemetry - Share Anonymous Data for Better Development Decisions

screenshot of telemetry data

Backdrop core developers and project leaders are frequently called upon to make important development decisions, with very little information about how site owners and administrators typically use Backdrop CMS and how they configure it. With the release of Backdrop 1.20.0 (and later versions), we hope that situation is getting better, but we need your help.