I started dabbling with websites in 2001, writing my first HTML, CSS and JS websites in Notepad over dial up internet. In 2005 I started on my journey with data driven websites with my own PHP and MySQL content management system. By 2009 I had moved to Drupal 7 and many sites were built over the years, with a few static Bootstrap sites built for good measure.

During this time I worked for a range of public sector bodies, specialising in domains such as outdoor recreation, rural development and grant funding before specialising first in business intelligence and later in business analysis.

In 2021, I started working in Backdrop CMS and while I still have a couple of Drupal 7 sites, all new work is in Backdrop. I have built Backdrop sites for small businesses and non-profits. I have ported several modules to Backdrop, created modules and am also the maintainer of the Backdrop command line tool, Bee.

Ways in which I contribute to Backdrop CMS: 
  • I provide services related to Backdrop CMS
  • I write/update documentation for Backdrop CMS
  • I create/comment on issues for Backdrop CMS on GitHub (core or contrib)
  • I create Pull Requests against Backdrop CMS (core or contrib)
  • I review Pull Requests against Backdrop CMS (core or contrib)
  • I create/maintain modules for Backdrop CMS
  • I create/comment on issues for backdropcms.org (or other Backdrop properties)
  • I give support in live chat, via Zulip, Gitter or IRC
  • I answer questions in the Backdrop Forum
  • I help mentor new contributors
  • I have made a financial donation to the Backdrop Foundation
Other contributions: 
I manage the Backdrop CMS LinkedIn page; I regularly facilitate sessions at Backdrop Live; I hosted the weekly Backdrop Office Hours 9 from 2022 to 2023
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