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Read Only Mode allows site administrators and developers to lock down or
freeze a production server so that maintenance or large deployments can occur
without taking the site offline.

In a typical example, Read Only Mode is activated on the production server,
the database is copied to a development server where work is done, and then the
database is pushed back to the production server and Read Only Mode disabled.

Read Only Mode can be checked, enabled or disabled using the user interface,
bee or drush.

Differences from Drupal 7

  • Uses 'state' and 'config' rather than 'variables'.
  • Form IDs updated in allow/view only lists to reflect Backdrop equivalents.
  • Dedicated Bee command added to simply operations.
  • Drush command uses state-set and state-get rather than variable-set and
  • Includes patch from Issue 2458051
    to fix issue with View Only forms.
  • Includes an API for other modules to modify the default form lists.



Enable and disable Read Only Mode using the "Read only mode" checkbox at
Administration > Configuration > Development > Maintenance mode

On this page, it is also possible to:

  • Customize the messages that are shown to users when Read Only Mode is
  • Redirect users to a specific page instead of showing messages.
  • Define additional forms that are allowed using the form id.
  • Define additional forms that can be accessed as view only forms.

You may want to allow other forms if the form does not write to the Backdrop
database, but instead sends the form content to a different web service or by

You may want to allow other forms to be viewed but not changed so users can
check details but not make changes.

The module provides a permission that overrides access restrictions and can be
given to administrators; user 1 can access all forms regardless of the

Bee support

This module adds a dedicated bee command to enable, disable and check status of
Read Only Mode. It can be used with bee readonlymode, bee ro or bee rom.

The command will treat 1, true, TRUE as TRUE and 0, false, FALSE

  • Check the status: bee readonlymode
  • Turn on Read Only Mode: bee readonlymode 1
  • Turn off Read Only Mode: bee readonlymode 0

Drush support

As Read Only Mode is defined by a single state, it is easy to use Drush
to enable and disable the mode. Drush aliases sget and sset will also work

  • Check the status: drush state-get site_readonly
  • Turn on Read Only Mode: drush state-set site_readonly 1
  • Turn off Read Only Mode: drush state-set site_readonly 0

API support

The module has an API to support modification of the lists of allowed forms and
view only forms by other contrib and custom modules. See readonlymode.api.php
for more details.


Bugs and Feature Requests should be reported in the Issue Queue:

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This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.