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Book Menus allows you to set books as normal Backdrop CMS menus. This means
they will be listed in admin/structure/menu, and have all of the additional
functionality that comes along with it.

This will allow you to use menu manipulation modules. For example, the initial
development was due to wanting a more flexible book menu structure with titles
or sections that are not necessarily links. This can be done using Book Menus
along with Special Menu Items.


This module requires that the following modules are also enabled:

  • Book - part of Core, disabled by default.
  • Menu - part of Core, enabled by default.



  • Create some books.
  • Navigate to admin/content/book/settings and chose the Book Menus.
  • On the book list page, the edit operation will redirect to the normal menu.
  • You can also see the menu at admin/structure/menu.
  • Modify the menu as required.


This menu provides a block, Book Menu Navigation, that is similar in
functionality to core book.module with the show block only on book pages

However, the main difference it that it will always show the full tree. This
was necessary as non-book menu links and #below items weren't getting rendered
as core book.module passes the book menu item to menu_tree_output.

You can still use the core book.module Book Navigation block, but on Book Menus
it will likely be the Book Menus Navigation block you're looking for.


  • As this module intercepts the admin/content/book/* page, other book
    manipulation module may not work with it.


Bugs and Feature Requests should be reported in the Issue Queue:

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This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.