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URL Publish and Unpublish enables you to publish and unpublish nodes via a URL.
The URL can either be used in a view or added to a template or block. A
permission is added to use this link and a confirmation form is provided.

Comparison to Publish Content

  • This module has a similar function to Publish Content in that it can provide links to Views.
  • This module does not offer the granular permission of Publish Content.
  • This module does offer a URL that can be used in other places such as blocks or



Link in template or block:

  • Simple link to unpublish node 15
   <a href="/url_unpublish/15">Unpublish Node</a>
  • Use more advanced dynamic functions to dynamically include the node ID.

Link in view:

  • Click to add a new field
  • Search for publish or unpublish and select either:
    • Content: Publish link
    • Content: Unpublish link
  • You can optionally add this to the Global Dropbutton; just rearrange so the
    link(s) are before the dropbutton.
  • You can optionally use Views Conditional to hide and show these links
    depending on the status of the node.


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This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.