1. Maxlength

    MaxLength allows you to set maximum length of any field on any form making use
    of the Form API. This includes fields created using the UI (e.g. any text
    field on a node). It is compatible with Backdrop's CKEditor out of the box.

  2. Webform Validation

    This module adds an extra tab to each webform node, allowing you to specify
    validation rules for your webform components. You can create one or more of the
    predefined validation rules, and select which webform component(s) should be

  3. Search Index Wipe


    This module cleans up search index built by search module. It is helpful
    while deploying large sites whose search index becomes massive. The

  4. Search Index Options

                             Search Index Options
    Brought by Backdrop aficionados at AltaGrade.com <info@altagrade.com>
    Project homepage: https://backdropcms.org/project/search_index_options
  5. Transliteration

    Transliteration module is included in Backdrop core as of version 1.3.0

    There is no need to install this module, hooray!

  6. Minify

    The Minify module is designed to improve the speed at which pages on your
    website will load. Pages can be rendered using minified versions of both
    HTML and JavaScript files.

  7. oEmbed

    oEmbed is a CKEditor plugin that allows you to insert embedded content (such as
    photos, video, audio, etc.) via an external URL. For example, you can embed a
    YouTube video into your content simply by pasting in the URL to the video. The

  8. Dashboard Plus

    The intent of this module is to provide a set of additional blocks for the existing Dashboard module in core. A set of blocks that are generally useful, but may not meet the criteria for inclusion in core. These blocks might eventually be added to core if they prove popular and useful enough.

  9. Statistics

    Fork of the Drupal core Statistics module.

  10. Utility CSS

    This module adds autocomplete to class fields in block configuration by searching the active theme's info file for utility_class configuration.

    This is currently a proof of concept.

  11. Range

    The Range module defines various numeric range field types for the Field module.
    Ranges can be in integer, decimal, or floating-point form, and they can be
    formatted when displayed. Range fields can be limited to a specific set of input
    values or to a range of values.

  12. Preferred Text Format

    This module allows setting a preferred text format per text field. This
    overrides the default behaviour of letting the user choose between the text
    formats they have access to, and instead tries to limit their options to the one
    you set.

  13. Global Climate Strike

    This module will add the banner message declaring that your site is opting in
    to a global Digital Climate Strike on 20th September, 2019.

  14. Poll

    Allows your site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple
    choice questions.

  15. Simplify

    Simplify allows particular fields to be hidden from the user interface. This
    helps to de-clutter forms and present a more user-friendly experience to content

    Different types of fields can be hidden with Simplify. Currently supported field
    types include:

  16. Geofield

                      __ _      _     _
                     / _(_)    | |   | |
    __ _  ___  ___ | |_ _  ___| | __| |
    / _` |/ _ \/ _ \|  _| |/ _ \ |/ _` |
    | (_| | __/ (_) | | | |  __/ | (_| |
    \__, |\___|\___/|_| |_|\___|_|\__,_|
  17. Simple LDAP

    The Simple LDAP project is a set of modules to provide Backdrop integration with
    an LDAPv3 server. It is an alternative to the Lightweight Directory Access
    Protocol (LDAP) module, with a much narrower set of features. The goal of the

  18. Views iCal export

    This module enables you to export iCal feeds (also known as vcalendar) from views, using the
    "iCal Feed" and "iCal Fields" views plugins.

  19. Field Multiple Limit

    This is a simple module that provides settings to limit the number of values to
    display on fields with multiple values. (For example, in an image field
    with multiple images, you may only wish to display one in the teaser view).

  20. Voting API

    VotingAPI is a framework for content voting and rating systems. It does not
    directly provide any voting features to users; instead, it offers a consistent
    API for other module developers to build their voting and rating systems on.

  21. Permalink Filter

    Permalink Filter provides a content filter that automatically adds permalinks to
    heading tags in your content.

  22. highlight.js

    This module integrates the highlight.js library with
    Backdrop, providing syntax highlighting for code blocks.

    Code blocks should be formatted like so:

  23. Akismet

    Integrates with the Akismet content moderation service: https://akismet.com



  24. Entity Pager

    Provides next and previous navigation on entities.

    You can add multiple different navigation blocks on the same entity.
    This module combines Views, Blocks, Tokens and has its own internal intelligent
    advice system with run fast with the minimum of processing.

  25. Metatag

    Provide structured metadata, aka "meta tags", for pages on your site.