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The problem: Core image library - the dialog to browse files previously
uploaded to Backdrop - is an all-or-nothing item.

You can access all files, regardless who previously uploaded them. This is
fine for small websites with only few users (and roles). This is a pain
point, though, if different roles should have different levels of access to
existing images.

This module provides an extra permission to access all the images in the
image library - other roles (accounts without the extra perm) will only see
their own files in the image browser.

The module's very simple: it does its work as soon as it's enabled. There aren't
any settings.


Install this module using the
official Backdrop CMS instructions.

Go to admin/config/people/permissions and grant the "Access any file in image
library" permission to the roles you need, for example "Editor". The admin
role, more precisely, accounts with permission to "bypass file access", will
see all images in the library, anyway.


Bugs and feature requests should be reported in the
Issue Queue.

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.