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Provides features that allow an IP address (or range of IP addresses) to be
whitelisted which restricts the functionality of users. Currently it is able to
restrict login by IP address and restrict a role by IP.

IP address ranges must be entered in CIDR notation separated with semi-colons
and no trailing semi-colon (e.g.,;; For
more information on CIDR notation.

Restrict login by IP

When a user is restricted, that user will not be able to log in outside the
defined IP address ranges. It is also possible to specify global IP address
ranges, which apply to ALL users, including user1. Following a denied log-in
attempt, a user is redirected to an error page as specified by the site

Restrict role by IP

When a role is restricted, that role will not be available to users outside the
defined IP address ranges. Role restriction does not affect users' ability to
log in, only the availability of the restricted role to users. Role restrictions
are available for all roles, except "anonymous user" and "authenticated user."


Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at


  1. All configuration can be managed from administration pages located at
    Administration > Configuration > People > Restrict by IP.
  2. Individual user IP restrictions may also be set in the 'Restrict by IP'
    fieldset located on the user add/edit form.
  3. IP restrictions are checked on every page load. If a user restriction is
    triggered, then the user will be logged out and sent to the specified
    'error page'. If a role restriction is triggered, then a user's session will
    be unaffected; however, the restricted role will no longer be available to
    the user.
  4. To remove an IP restriction, simply delete its value, and submit the
    configuration form.

Overriding settings

All settings can be overridden in the settings.php page:

$settings['restrict_by_ip.settings']['error_page'] = 'node/200';
$settings['restrict_by_ip.settings']['login_range'] = '';
$settings['restrict_by_ip.settings']['roles'][''] = '';

This sets the parameters that can also be managed through the admin web
interface. You may want to do this whenever it is important to have such
configuration separated in a multi-site environment or in automated


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this
directory for complete text.

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