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Allows site builders to set up fine-grained permissions for editing and deleting
user accounts by role, and a separate permission for creating user accounts. It
is more specific than Backdrop Core's all-or-nothing 'administer users'
permission, so site builders can set up "sub-admins" with permission to specific



Core permissions

Administer users
DO NOT set this for sub-admins. This permission bypasses all of the
permissions in "Administer Users by Role".

View user profiles
Sub-admins should probably have this permission. Most things work
without it, but for example with a View showing users, the user name
will only become a link if this permission is not set.

Permissions provided by this module

Access the users overview page
See the list of users at admin/people. Only users that can be edited are

Create new users
Create users, at admin/people/create.

Edit users with no custom roles
Allows editing of any authenticated user that has no custom roles set.

Edit users with role XXX
Allows editing of any authenticated user with the specified role.
To edit a user with multiple roles, the sub-admin must have permission to
edit ALL of those roles. ("Edit users with no custom roles" is NOT needed.)

The permission for cancel work exactly the same as those for edit.


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this
directory for complete text.



Ported to Backdrop by Herb v/d Dool from Drupal 7.

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