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This module provides affiliate functionality for Ubercart.


  • User based tracking
  • Role based tracking
  • Monthly report of sales/commissions per affiliate in the admin section
  • Ability to create affiliate links (both text and image)
  • Product level link generation (e.g. generate a link for the actual product vs just the website), export to CSV or HTML
  • Ability to add cookies so that affiliates get credit for return visits even if they don't go through original affiliate link
  • Per product commissions
  • Multiple levels of commissioning
  • Fixed-rate and percentage commissions.
  • Token and Rules integration.


  • For use directions and examples, please visit the module's wiki
  • Create a role, give it affiliate permission, and then assign users to that role.
    If you assign two roles with affiliate permissions to a user, bad things happen :)
  • When the user is assigned to multiple roles, the last one with affiliate permissions is taken as the current one.
  • The path for affiliate links defaults to /affiliate/[UID]

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  • Created for Drupal by bojanz
  • Ported and expanded to Backdrop CMS by argiepiano


This project is GPL v2 software.