1. Unique Field

    The Unique Field module provides a way to require that specified fields
    or characteristics of a node are unique. This includes the node's title,
    author, language, taxonomy terms, and other fields.

  2. Menu Node Views

    The Menu Node Views module provides Views integration for nodes assigned to the menu system. It adds new, menu-related filter/sort criteria and fields to those available by views. (This module is in alpha development.)

  3. Menu Node API

    Manages relationships between node ids and menu links. By itself, this module
    has no functionality. But it creates and maintainsa {menu_node} table. This
    table maps the relationship between a node and its menu link (if any).

  4. Easy Breadcrumb

    The Easy Breadcrumb module provides a block with an alternative URL-based
    breadcrumb trail.

  5. Easy XML sitemap

    Provides XML sitemap conforming to Google's recommendations and sitemaps.org protocol.
    Google's recommendations
    sitemaps.org protocol

  6. Corresponding Node References

    Syncs the node reference between two content types which have a nodereference to each
    other, so double editing nodes is no more needed. If one node has a reference the
    other node receives also a reference to the saved node if it is referenced in that node.

  7. Quicklink

    What is Quicklink?
  8. References dialog

    This module extends reference fields like the user and node reference fields by adding links to add, edit and search for references through a dialog.

  9. Menu Editor

    Menu Editor enhances the menu editing form with inline text fields for title, path and description, and provides placeholders for new items.

    This way, it reduces the number of page visits needed to create a site's menu structure, and eliminates the need for dummy nodes.

  10. X Autoload

    xautoload is a comprehensive and yet highly efficient PHP class loading suite.

    Most importantly, it provides Drupal-8-style PSR-4 (and the old D8 PSR-0-style in "lib") autoloading for Backdrop. But it is also a great tool for 3rd party autoloading.

  11. Navbar

    A very simple mobile friendly navigation toolbar. The Navbar module displays a bar containing top-level administrative components across the top of the screen or on left side.

  12. Field HTML Trim

    Field HTML Trim allows trimming an HTML-enabled text field without counting HTML
    tags towards the character limit. This means that your trimmed text will be much
    closer to the correct length, even when there's an image or other HTML content
    at the beginning of the text.

  13. TableField

    This module provides a simple, generic form/widget to input tabular data. The
    form allows the user to select the number or rows/columns in the table, then
    enter data via textfields.

  14. Semantic Views

    The Semantic Views allows users to alter the default HTML output by the Views module without overriding template files. This means, for example, you can change a field from being wrapped by a <span> tag to being wrapped in a <h2> tag.

  15. Scroll Reveal

    A simple way to create and maintain how elements fade in, triggered when they
    enter the viewport. This module bundles and uses the
    ScrollReveal plugin from
    Julian Lloyd.

  16. Field Formatter Settings API

    Status: This project is no longer needed as of Backdrop 1.13 since the
    functionality has been added in core.

  17. Views Bootstrap

    Views Bootstrap

    This module provides a set of styles for the Views module. It allows you to

  18. Stage File Proxy

    Proxies files from production server so you don't have to transfer them manually.

  19. Featherlight

    Featherlight is a very lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin. It is responsive, has
    the ability to display captions with images, and can display multiple images in
    a slideshow-like gallery.

  20. Libraries

    NOTE: The Libraries API contrib module has been deprecated, as equivalent
    functionality has been added to Backdrop core. This module will not receive any
    further updates.

  21. Views Slideshow: Cycle2

    'Views Slideshow: Cycle2' is an integration of the
    Cycle2 jQuery plugin with the
    Views Slideshow module.

  22. imagesLoaded

    This module is a wrapper for the imagesLoaded library,
    and you should only need to install it if another module requires it. It does
    not provide any new functionality on its own.

  23. Menu Export/Import


    You may need it when you want to:

    export and/or import menu(s)

  24. Content Type Clone

    Content Type Clone allows users with the "Administer content types" permission
    to clone content types in one click.

  25. Forum

    Discussion forums for Backdrop.
    Fork of the Drupal Forum module.