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Tracking Code


A module that allows admins to create tracking code snippets and control their
visibility similar to the core Drupal block module. It can be used to inject
arbitrary code into the , and at the beginning and end of the
tag, the most common placement for tracking code.

This module allows you to name your various tracking code snippets and
organize them by weight and region. Configuration of a single snippet provides
visibility settings similar to the core Drupal block module: white/black list
by Drupal path and content type.

Currently there are three possible regions to inject your tracking code:

  • Inside - Code added using drupal_add_html_head()
  • After - Code added to $page['page_top'] in hook_page_alter()
  • Before - Code added to $page['content_bottom'] in hook_page_alter()

You can also use drag & drop functionality on the tracking code overview page
to change the relative weights of your snippets to make sure they execute in
the correct order within a given region.


  • Only roles with the "administer tracking code" permission can access the
    administrative page and configure this module.
  • To configure the tracking code module, navigate to:
    Admin > Structure > Tracking Code Snippets (/admin/structure/tracking_code)
  • The "List" tab will display all the tracking code snippets you've created.
    It provides a drag & drop weight table and links for enabling/disabling a
    snippet, editing a snippet, or deleting a snippet.
  • The "Add Tracking Code" tab will display a form for creating a new snippet.
  • Once you've added a snippet, you are presented with further configuration
    options. Visibility options include Drupal path, content type, and user
    role. These options were designed to look/feel/behave similar to Drupal's
    core block module.




This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.