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GSAP ScrollTrigger is a Javascript API Library which triggers events on anything scroll related.

This module intergrates the GreenSock's ScrollTrigger Javascript api library to create jaw-dropping scroll based animations with minimal code.
Trigger anything scroll related, even if it has nothing to do with animation.

Initial version

This initial version only includes "show on scroll" which will fade in the content when it become visible on the screen.


GreenSock ScrollTrigger api - v3.3.4 - Loaded from the CDN or you can change the URL to a later version.


Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at


Simply add the CSS .showonscroll to your element and when it becomes visible on the viewport it will fade in.

add CSS to hide the element until it is visible on the viewport.

.showonscroll {
    opacity: 0;

Official GreenSock ScrollTrigger Docs:

TODO - Add documentation

Additional documentation is located in the Wiki:


Bugs and Feature requests should be reported in the Issue Queue:

View live sites to see the module in action.

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This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.