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This module extends the Webform module by adding a new menu callback to toggle
the open/closed status of a webform and a corresponding Views handler. This, in turn, permits the addition of the "Open/Close" command to the Operations dropbutton on the Webform admin page at Admin > Content > Webforms (and elsewhere).



  • In the Webforms admin View, add the field "Webform toggle status link" as a hidden field, then check the corresponding checkbox in the "Operations" dropbutton. You can now open or close the webform from the dropbutton.

  • You can also create a link anywhere that toggles the Open/Closed status of a webform by using the path node/%/webform/toggle-status. If there is a destination in the link query, the user will be immediately sent to that destination, otherwise, to the webform's page.


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This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.