Screen shot of list of OpenForce 2022 issues on Github

OpenForce 2022 participants should start with this blog post.

It's really been great to see all the OpenForce 2022 participants in our issue queue over the last two weeks. We have three issues that have been committed to Backdrop already, with two more that are already RTBC (ready to be committed), and quite a few that are under review or being worked on. 

We've created a Github project that is helpful to see all the OpenForce activity in our issue queue and the current status of each issue.

A couple of notes for OpenForce 2022 participants:

1) We may unassign you from an issue after 7 days if you have not posted any comments or questions. We do not mean to rush you, but if you are not making any progress on an issue, we would like to make it available for others to work on. If you wish to keep working on an issue after 7 days, simply post a comment or ask us to assign the issue to you again. 

2) If you are stuck on an issue or need help - PLEASE, post a question in the issue queue or come to our chat channel (Zulip) and ask questions there. We love it when people ask questions and we are very grateful that you have expressed an interest in working in the Backdrop CMS issue queue. 

3) We have scheduled weekly office hours in Zoom during a time frame that might work for some of you. Every Wednesday at 5:00am (UTC) or 10:30am (India Standard Time). Check our event listings for more information. Please, feel free to use this time to ask us questions or seek help with the setup of your local development environment.