Backdrop CMS is just under a month away from our 19th on-time release, version 1.18.0. Every 4 months, we release a new version which brings with it new improvements and features to Backdrop CMS. Feature freeze is scheduled for Jan 1, 2021 (this may be adjusted for the holiday) and the release will be on Jan 15th. In the final weeks of each release cycle, there is a frenzy of activity and we try to get new improvements finalized and approved. 

We will be sprinting on improvements to version 1.18.0 on Sunday Dec. 13th and again on Saturday Jan 2nd.

If you have contributed to Backdrop CMS core in the past or have plans to do so in the future, now is a great time to lend us a hand. We've asked some active members of the core development community to identify the issues that they would most like to see get some attention in the final month of the development cycle. Here are the issues they have identified as most needing some attention - testing, feedback, code reviews, or additional work on the code (up to 3 issues per person).

We will be updating this list periodically through the release of 1.18.0.

Phil Ward (@philsward)

1) #4728 Expose Fields to Visibility Conditions - PR needs work, testing, and feedback
What we need is a block visibility condition that is tied to the fields and their field data within the layout context.

Olaf Grabienski @olafgrabienski

1) #2069: Date format tokens for date field missing - Needs a pull request.
Some work has happened adjacent to this feature without specifically addressing this specific need. Looking for someone to get this issue moving with a Pull Request. 

2) #3008: symlink to document root causing module update issues -  Needs code review

Laryn Kragt Bakker (@Laryn)

1) #3297: Exposed filename filter for media library dialogue - Needs code review
With the new media library for the editor we have a great improvement in finding previous images. However on sites with hundreds of images it can be overwhelming. Adding an exposed filter to the view of the file name and title will help people find a file.

Tim Erickson (@stpaultim)

1) Issue #4499: Change the name of the "Full HTML" text format to "Raw HTML" - RTBC
We've discovered that we may not be able to change the machine name and are looking for new ideas or feedback on plan to change display name without changing machine name.

2) Issue #3995: Dashboard: Collapsible blocks: Dashboard: Collapsible blocks - Needs pull reqest
This one needs input and someone able to write a Pull Request.

3) Issue #4113: Better defaults position for breadcrumbs on installation of new sites - Needs feedback and ideas

Peter Anderson (@BWPanda)

1) Issue #4663: Add setting to menu block for changing breakpoint - Needs testing, feedback, and a little more work
Lots of progress made, we are getting close

Gregory (@klonos)

1) Issue #2714: Merge all the "Update core/module/theme/layout" pages into a single page - Needs feedback

Joseph Flatt (@hosef)

1) Issue #4127: Advanced Caching (Cache Tags) - Needs work, ideas, and encouragement
This is a complicated issue, work is happening in local environments but there is no official pull request yet.

NOTE: These issues or proposed solutions have not been endorsed by the core team. They are simply the issues that individuals in the community would like you to look at and weigh in on.