This weekend Jen Lampton will be working with a group of high school students, in the Oakland area, on contributing to Backdrop CMS. In support of these efforts, we have decided to announce an informal Backdrop CMS contribution day. If you are a supporter of the Backdrop project and have been looking for an opportunity to contribute, Saturday would be a great opportunity to jump in and help us with a task, regardless of where you are. 

two mentors talking during DrupalCon contribution day, 2019.
Two mentors at DrupalCon 2019 contribution day!

We tagged a bunch of issues in the Backdrop CMS issue queue as "good first issues," to help folks get started. I will be available in Gitter on Saturday, April 20th from 10am - 4pm (pacific time) and available to answer questions or help people get started. Click here for times in your local area.

This is a great chance for us to get some final new features committed before the next feature freeze on May 1st and prior to our next release on May 15th