Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom

I help small to medium businesses and non-profit organisations get the data driven website they need powered by Backdrop CMS.  I can support you through the stages.


With over 7 years working as a Business Analyst on major public sector problems together with working with small businesses and non-profits in my spare time, I have the expertise to help you understand what is needed for your website or web application.


I have been building Drupal sites since 2009 and have been working with Backdrop CMS since early 2021.  Many of my sites have had complex data structures with two way relationships between different content types. I have built custom modules, new contributed modules, ported Drupal modules to Backdrop CMS, and maintain a variety of contributed modules.

Support, Maintenance and Training

I will get you up to speed on what you need to update your site.  I can offer a range of options to help you maintain your site going forward including hosting.  Most of my clients prefer to have the maintenance handled so they can focus on content.

Hosting options offered: 
  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Managed