Ubercart logo with image of drop the dragon, the Backdrop CMS mascot.

Ubercart is dead!

Long Live UBERCART!!!!

eCommerce is one of the driving forces behind a successful webshop and Ubercart in its day was one of the best shopping cart solutions around.

Unfortunately, the developers decided to move away from Ubercart and created Drupal Commerce which took the resources away from Ubercart and its slow demise set in.

I’ve been developing websites since 1999 and never found a really good solution for the smaller eCommerce websites until I found Ubercart.  But with the introduction of Drupal 8 and all of its overheads, it became increasingly clear that I needed to find another solution.

WordPress was the obvious answer, in 2022 according to data from W3Techs it has a 43.2% market share… But, well, it’s not my favourite.

Then I found Backdrop CMS and when I found out that the development community had migrated Ubercart to Backdrop, I jumped with joy!!!  Well, I was a little excited.

Moving forward a couple of years and I wanted to give back to the Backdrop CMS project and help others wanting to set up an eCommerce website.  But, the documentation for Ubercart is based on the Drupal 7 version and doesn’t reflect the work that the Backdrop dev community have done to improve Ubercart over the years.


Ubercart has a new home www.ubercart.dev dedicated to the Backdrop CMS implementation.

I want the new, improved, very capable UBERCART to be as successful as the Drupal 7 version, so if you would like to help and make Ubercart and of course Backdrop the go-to solution for eCommerce, please offer a helping hand… 

Some of the things you may be able to help with include…

  • Proofread the docs
  • Walk through the documentation to find errors
  • Help convert the documents from D7 to Backdrop
  • Send links to YouTube or other video resources that may still be relevant
  • Create new videos and we’ll host them
  • Help fill out a FAQ section by asking questions and helping to answer other people's questions

The list goes on… don’t hesitate to reach out and offer a hand, even if that’s only to point out a spelling mistake.

If you want to help, head on over to www.ubercart.dev/i-want-to-help and let us know.