Group photo, everyone on the staircase. Twin Cites Drupal Camp 2018

This year's Twin Cities Drupal Camp was as good as ever, with a great venue (Thanks University of St Thomas!) quality session content (thanks speakers!) enjoyable parties (thanks organizers!) and attendees who are, of course, Minnesota nice. 

On the day before the camp we did an all-day training workshop that was an introduction to Backdrop CMS. We demonstrated the biggest differences between Drupal and Backdrop in the morning, and did a live module port of the Menu Attributes module in the afternoon. There's nothing like doin' it live to keep everyone awake and entertained through that sleepy-time after lunch when we'd all rather be having a nap :) Our students had great questions, and seemed impressed by how far Backdrop has come since they'd last looked at it.

We also gave a session on Backdrop CMS on Saturday morning, and had a great turn-out in spite of being the first session in the morning (after a great party the night before). The session also went over very well, and made a good impression on attendees.

My only disappointment was that camp organizers still haven't managed to get t-shirts in women's sizes. Little touches like this are important for signaling to women that they are welcome in tech communities. Perhaps next year!