There is a preview release available for Backdrop 1.21.0. Please use this version if you would like to help us test the features in the new version of Backdrop prior to the official release on January 15th, 2022.

Please, consider spinning up a new site or testing this preview release on a test site to help us catch any new bugs or regressions. 

Notes for updating

  • It will be necessary to run the update script (located at /core/update.php) for this release.
  • No changes have been made to the .htaccessrobots.txt or default settings.php files in this release. Updating customized versions of those files is not necessary.

New features

  • Add crop anchor point for Scale and Crop image effect. #5080
  • Add additional CSS classes on regions in Flexible layout templates. #5044
  • Add a "negate" option to the visibility condition for roles. #4689
  • Add settings for which parts of the book navigation to display. #5430
  • Add filters for ClassName to the Interface for listing available tests. #5257

User Experience improvements

  • Separate help text for publishing options #3122
  • Place breadcrumbs above the page title for new installs. #4113
  • Add Date format tokens for date fields. #2069
  • Add an 'empty' option to theme_item_list() #5380
  • Remove all instances of "please contact an administrator" from messaging #4802
  • Remove item from text on the Add another item button. #5235

Developer Experience improvements

  • Add entity_view() into core #1739
  • Provide a helper function to prevent a layout from wrapping around content. #1728

Miscellaneous changes

  • Update jQuery UI to 1.13.0 #5401
  • Optimize menu_navigation_links_rebuild() #5389
  • Remove Zen.CI from the core repository. #5197
  • Enable telemetry module on new installs #5253