“The shoemaker's children always go barefoot.”

For a community of folks who design and build websites, sometimes we neglect to give our own websites the love and attention they need and deserve. The Backdrop CMS community relies heavily on 4 internal sites:

Over the course of the next week, I'm calling on friends and colleagues to make a little time to help fix bugs, report bugs, and generally make improvements to our internal sites. 

I've repurposed an old project on Github to create a Kanban board for tracking and triaging possible issues. Help us identify the most important issues. Some of these issues just need ideas and feedback:

For me, this means getting a local dev environment set up for each of these sites and testing my access to push changes. I’ve had push access on the server for a long time, but never gotten around to actually using it. 

Each of these internal sites has their own issue queue. For those not prepared to submit PR’s to help improve these sites, there are other opportunities to help out by test, reporting issues, and triaging issues. 

  • We need folks to triage issues in each of these issue queues
    • Close issues that have been resolved
    • Close issues that are duplicates
    • Comment on issues that need input/discussion
  • Post links to issues in Zulip that you consider to be most important
  • Report issues and open tickets with ideas on how to make these sites better
  • Share your thoughts or feedback on how we can make contributing to our internal sites easier or more rewarding.

Resources on how to contribute to the Backdrop CMS internal sites: