Here are some notes from the Design / UX and Development meetings that took place on Thursday Jan. 3rd. These notes are not comprehensive, but we have included links to watch the meetings or read the agenda near the end of this post.

Backdrop birthday parties. 

It's not too late to schedule a backdrop birthday party in your city. We'd love to see a few more. So far, we have confirmed events in Oakland and the Twin Cities, MN. We decided to focus our efforts on getting more people to the existing parties, but would still love to see more. Since it is also Drupal's birthday, some of the parties may decide to celebrate both. 

News about next release (1.12.0)

  • MERGED: Add a class to a link in ckeditor (#3307)

  • MERGED: Enable UI for core updates (#3271)

  • MERGED: Tags for modules (#37). There will be a predefined set of tags for core modules, contrib module maintainers will be able to free tag their modules. More info....

  • The proposed dashboard module (#495) hit a small snag and will not get into 1.12, however it's very nearly finished and should easily be ready for 1.13. This gives us extra time to make it better. Please, take a look and provide feedback. 

Help wanted:

While we have entered feature freeze there is plenty of time to get additional UX improvements, string changes, and bug fixes into version 1.12. If you have time, here are some great ways you can contribute:

  • Basis: Design and theme the Maintenance page (#2528) - We'd like to get creative and make the maintenance page a better user experience. This can still happen in 1.12.0 if we keep it simple. Any ideas?

  • Add predefined color schemes to Basis (#3209) - We need someone with design chops to weigh in on this issue.

  • Bug fixes that still need attention:

    • Core Updates failing due to missing module 'type' in * file (#3447) - with core updates in 1.12 it would be great to get this fixed. 

    • FIX RTL Formatting options theme basis (#3435) - We have a bunch of RTL formatting issues that need attention and can get into the next release. 

    • About 50 bug fix issues that need attention and can still get into 1.12

  • Other UX issues that need attention to get into 1.12:

    • User edit form: conditionally show the "Current password" field (#3389)

    • Add "export" Drop-button actions for all exportable things. (#2960)

    • Blocks: Add a "Taxonomy term: Depth" Visibility condition (#2955)

    • Add configuration options to search block (#2923)

Upcoming events:

  • January 8th, Backdrop CMS Virtual User Group (using Google Hangouts) - TOPIC: Configuration Management. Everyone welcome. Check the event page on January 8th for login information.  

Recent releases:

More information:

These notes are an experiment in communicating some of the most recent news and priorities of interest to the Backdrop CMS community. Please, provide ideas and feedback here (#493).