The outreach meeting was cancelled today so that we could focus on reviewing issues before the upcoming feature freeze. Issues related to outreach for Backdrop CMS can be found in the issue queue.

It's not too late to schedule your own Backdrop Birthday Party for January 15th (we'll be 4 years old and releasing v.1.12.0 on the same day).

We are less than a week away from feature freeze for the next version of Backdrop CMS and in the development meeting today we talked about priorities and celebrated a few of the features that users can expect to see in version 1.12.0. Feature freeze will be January 1st for a January 15th release.

Coming in version 1.12.0 (already merged):

  • Options Element in core #1005
  • Rendered Text Formatter #3283
  • Translatable Taxonomy Terms - #2934

Help Wanted:

If you have time this weekend, we could really use some help getting a few more issues into this release. The following issues mostly require testing and feedback.

  • Add a Useful Dashboard to Backdrop - #495
    • At this point the plan is to add a layout for the dashboard with a few default blocks on it. Users can add custom blocks or they may be provided by contrib. We need feedback on the existing PR. 
  • Core Updates in the UI - #3271
    • The more testing we can get under differing hosting circumstances the better. 
  • Fieldable File Types - #2632
    • We have the code, but it's a fairly complicated feature set and we need help testing it. 

We are still having some critical problems previewing comments in the forum .

Other topics:

We discussed the use of milestones in the issue queue. There is concern that too many issues are getting tagged with milestones and that we need a way to manage this. We discussed the issue, but tabled it for a future meeting with the suggestion that we open an issue in Github for feedback #3445

There was some discussion about possibly focusing on security issues for Backdrop v. 1.13.0.

For a list of all the issues talked about at today’s meeting or view the meeting on YouTube.

Here is a link to a generic list of pull requests that are tagged as "needs review."