Many Backdrop CMS contributors have been hard at work, and it’s now time to share the fruits of their labor with the rest of the community. Backdrop CMS is proud to announce its 9th on-time release: Backdrop 1.8!

This minor release comes with refreshing design improvements for several administration interfaces and a few new functionality enhancements to improve Backdrop’s usability overall.

Check out some of the highlights:

Design improvements

Progress bar and task list

We’ve refreshed the task list styling, and changed the design of the progress bar into a very eye-pleasing striped barber pole style.

Configuration page overhaul

We’ve completely redone the Configuration Overview page with new icons, a better sort order and responsive design.

Functionality enhancements

‘Unpublished’ indicator

If you’re using the Basis theme, you’ll clearly know which of your posts are published—and more importantly which aren’t—with our new, hard-to-miss indicator. No more confusion!

Expand all menu links

We’ve added a new checkbox to the menu block configuration form that will allow all links in a any menu tree to be displayed.

To see all the other improvements that come along with Backdrop 1.8, take a look at our release notes!