Backdrop CMS, the comprehensive CMS for small to medium businesses and non-profits, has seen it's 8th on-time release!  Backdrop 1.7 includes substantial improvements to Views, Layouts, and the Rich-Text editor.

Rich-Text editor updates

CKEditor has been updated to the latest version, and uses a prettier default editor theme. We've added support for uploading images via drag-and-drop as well as pasting directly from the clipboard. From the editor Link dialog, you can now link directly to another piece of content in the system by searching for it by title.

Layouts updates

Page elements like the page title, editorial tabs, system messages, and action links may now be placed as blocks and moved around within layouts.

The Page title block being placed into a layout.

Views updates

Blocks created through Views now have new powers! Override pager settings, fields, and exposed filters every time a view is placed as a block.

New block settings for view displays.

User experience updates

In addition to these new features, the styling of the administrative theme continues to be updated for aesthetics and consistency. In 1.7 you'll find new updates to the Views user interface, the Status Report, and the Available Updates page.

New Status Report Design

For a complete list of new features in Backdrop 1.7 please see the release notes.