Backdrop 1.5 is a release packed with new features and an all-new out-of-box experience! A new default theme -- "Basis", drop-down menus, a homepage layout, demo content, and hero block provide a fresh take on the fundamentals of a modern day content management system.

But there is more! From database support for Emoji to dozens of UX improvements, Backdrop 1.5.0 is full of great improvements for your website.

Hero blocks for layouts

Have you been wondering how to add a big fancy splash image to your site? Well wonder no longer, Backdrop now includes a new type of block specifically for this purpose.

Hero blocks in action.
Hero blocks allow for simple banners within your page layouts.

Responsive Drop-down Menus

Menus with multiple levels are automatically rendered as responsive drop-down menus on new sites. For older sites you'll need to switch the menu style, but fancy-pants menus are still only a few clicks away (and they also work with keyboard navigation!).

Drop-down menus in Backdrop.
Out-of-box drop-down menus make heirarchical structures easy.

 "But, does it work on my phone?" you ask. Of course it does! Backdrop CMS is responsive out of the box, and so is the shiny new drop-down menu.

Drop-down menus on a mobile screen
On smaller screens, the drop-down menu automatically
converts to an accordian.

 Database-level Emoji Support

Backdrop 1.5 proudly supports the use of emoji in content, comments, and anywhere else you can enter text. There's a quick update script that will convert your database to a new format that's safe for emoji use. 

Upgrading process for emoji support

Complete changes in Backdrop 1.5.0

As always, there are a whole lot of little improvements going into Backdrop also. For those of you who are curious about all the details, here's our release notes:

New features:

Usability improvements

Bug Fixes:

Other notable changes