If you've been waiting to give Backdrop CMS a try, today is the day. Backdrop 1.2.0 was just released with all the killer features you've been waiting for.

ckeditor in core
CKeditor provides easy Rich-Text editing.

New Rich-Text editor in core

At long last, your favorite CMS now comes with a built-in rich-text editor! Gone are the days of installing and testing multiple modules, downloading mysterious libraries, and fighting multiple pages of complex and contradictory configuration. Easy content entry, complete with inline image uploading and formatting using a bundled version of CKEditor, is finally here.

Responsive vertical tabs for phones and tablets!
Responsive vertical tabs!

Improved mobile administration

Though Backdrop has featured responsive layouts since it's release, there's always room for improvement. In this release, responsive behaviors have been improved for easier administration from your smart phone or tablet. Check out the sleek and sexy vertical tabs on your phone!

New field types in core!
New field types for Email, Link & Date now included.

Three more field-type modules in core

Backdrop 1.2.0 contains a handful of other major improvements as well.  There are also three new field modules in core: Email, Link, and Date. Now more sites can be built with fewer dependencies on contributed modules.

Modules & Themes & Layouts, oh my!

But what about those all-important contributed modules? Don't worry, we've got plenty. There are already 150 new or ported modules, themes, and layouts for Backdrop CMS and more are being added every day. If you are working on a module, theme, or layout for Backdrop and are interested in contributing it back, we'd love to have you join the team.


For more technical information about each of the new core modules, see the change records:

To download the latest version of Backdrop visit BackdropCMS.org today.