Modules can add new features to your Backdrop site, or improve the way your existing features currently work.

  1. Insert view

    posted Sep 19th 2015
    Initial port of to Backdrop.

    Insert view filter allows to embed views using tags. The tag syntax is
    relatively simple: [view:name=display=args]. The parameters are: view name, view

  2. Font Awesome

    posted Sep 15th 2015

    A simple module to include Font Awesome icons via CSS classes for usage in your website.

  3. Flexviews

    posted Sep 15th 2015

    Provides a Views plugin helper for displaying content from Views module in a CSS3 flexbox style

  4. Elements

    posted Sep 15th 2015

    If you are looking for "HTML5 form elements" to help mobile users with their input, you are looking for this module.

  5. ShareThis

    posted Aug 11th 2015

    Sharethis places those "Share with..." icons/links on the content on your page.

    Integration with the ShareThis social bookmarking utility on selected node types.

  6. Setup

    posted Sep 7th 2015

    The Setup module adds the ability to have scripted, setup wizards which are run
    automatically on the first access of a completed or upgraded site.

  7. Fanciblock

    posted Sep 7th 2015

    Fanciblock module can be used to create image and icon feature boxes.

  8. YouTube Field

    posted Aug 28th 2015

    The YouTube field module provides a simple field that allows you to add a
    YouTube video to a content type, user, or any entity.

    Display types include:

  9. Form Wizard

    posted Aug 25th 2015

    An API to make multi-step forms much easier.
    Port of Drupal CTools' Wizard plugin.

  10. API

    posted Aug 24th 2015

    Generates and displays API documentation pages.

  11. APC - Alternative PHP Cache

    posted May 1st 2015
    Backdrop APC

    This is a port of Drupal's APC Module to Backdrop CMS.

  12. AutoFloat

    posted May 25th 2015

  13. Automatic Nodetitles

    posted Apr 27th 2015

    This is a lightweight module that allows the node title to be generated
    automatically. The node title field can be hidden on the node form, or automatic
    generation can be set occur only when the title field is left empty.

  14. Back To Top

    posted Aug 10th 2015

    Back To Top adds a button that hovers in the bottom of your screen and allow users to smoothly scroll up the page using jQuery.

    Back To Top uses jQuery UI library effects for smooth easing of scroll.

    There are settings for:

  15. Basic Cart

    posted Apr 27th 2015

    Basic cart is a very simple shopping cart / checkout process for Backdrop,
    that just sends 2 emails after each order. Along with the shopping cart,
    this module also provides a block where you can view your cart's content.

  16. Colorbox

    posted Apr 27th 2015

    This is a very simple module that opens up images or content from your Backdrop site into a popup/modal "lightbox" and is very customizable.

  17. Comment Notify

    posted Apr 27th 2015
    Mail registered and anonymous users about comment follow-ups Allow users to unsubscribe from notifications on a specific post with a single click Allow registered users to preset their follow-up setting in their profile
  18. Contact Forms

    posted May 28th 2015

    This module expands the features of the site wide contact form. It eliminates
    the need for the drop down category menu by generating a form, and a unique
    path, for each of the contact form categories. It also replaces the contact form

  19. Disqus

    posted Apr 27th 2015

    DISQUS is a third-party comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install.

    Display recent comments, popular threads, and other widgets in blocks

  20. Form block

    posted Apr 17th 2015

    Enables the presentation of user registration, site wide contact, or node creation forms in blocks.

  21. Instagram Block

    posted Aug 10th 2015

    This is a very simple module that integrates with Instagram and creates a block containing your most recent instagram posts.

  22. Job Scheduler

    posted Aug 10th 2015

    Hidden settings are variables that you can define by adding them to the $conf
    array in your settings.php file.

    Name: 'job_scheduler_class_' . $name
    Default: 'JobScheduler'
    Description: The class to use for managing a particular schedule.

  23. Mobile Navigation

    posted May 9th 2015

    Mobile Navigation helps you easily implement a nice solution for displaying
    menus on the mobile version of a responsive website.

  24. Parallax Background

    posted Apr 27th 2015

    This a simple module that allows you to set a vertical parallax effect on the background of any element on the DOM.

    You may have seen this technique in the "single page" websites that are often step based marketing pages for an event, company services or a new product.

  25. Scroll Reveal

    posted Apr 27th 2015

    A simple way to create and maintain how elements fade in, triggered when they enter the viewport. An open-source experiment from @JulianLloyd.