Modules can add new features to your Backdrop site, or improve the way your existing features currently work.

  1. FlexSlider

    posted Dec 30th 2015

    Integrates the FlexSlider responsive slideshow library with Backdrop CMS.

  2. Member for hack

    posted Jul 31st 2016

    Alter the creation date on a user profile that is used for displaying the "Member for" time period.

    Suggested altered creation dates:

  3. Text sitemap

    posted Jul 30th 2016

    Creates a virtual sitemap.txt file for indexing by search engines.

  4. Expander

    posted Jun 16th 2015

    This module is a port to Backdrop of the Drupal contributed module
    'jQuery Expander' version 7.x-1.0.

  5. Webform Select2

    posted Jul 14th 2016

    #Webform Select2

    This module adds select2 widget to all select elements in a webform.

  6. Simple Mail System

    posted Jul 2nd 2016

    Simple Mail System provides a means for updating the mail system
    configuration variables.

    Normally a contributed module that needs to be able to send
    email, for example Views Send, will set its required values
    in the core config file system.mail.json.

  7. Views Slideshow: Cycle2

    posted Jun 27th 2016

    This module provides a jQuery Cycle2 slideshow plugin for Views Slideshow,
    heavily based on Views Slideshow: Cycle (bundled with Views Slideshow).
    Modifications have been made to interface with some basic options of Cycle2,

  8. Honeypot

    posted Apr 27th 2015

    Honeypot uses both the honeypot and timestamp methods of deterring spam bots from completing forms on your Backdrop site. These methods are effective against many spam bots, and are not as intrusive as CAPTCHAs or other methods which punish the user.

  9. Disable login errors

    posted Jun 22nd 2016

    Prevent user enumeration by blocking the display of all login error messages. A user attempting to login will not be aware if the account exists, an invalid user name or password has been submitted, or if the account is blocked.

    Some of the messages which are hidden include:

  10. Stripe API

    posted Jun 22nd 2016

    This module provides a simple abstraction to use the Stripe PHP SDK. This
    module is designed to be required by other contrib/custom modules.

  11. Stripe Checkout

    posted Jun 22nd 2016

    #Stripe Checkout

  12. Flood control

    posted Jun 22nd 2016

    Add an administration interface for hidden variables that limit login attempts and contact form submissions in Backdrop.

  13. Text formatter

    posted Jun 20th 2016

    #Text Formatter

    This module provides an additional formatter to render values in all
    core fields as HTML or comma-separated lists.

    For multi-value fields, each field value becomes a list item. For long text
    fields, each line becomes a list item.

  14. Field Multiple Limit

    posted Jun 20th 2016

    #Field Multiple Limit

    This is a simple module that provides settings to limit the number of values to
    display on fields with multiple values. (For example, in an image field
    with multiple images, you may only wish to display one in the teaser view).

  15. Field Formatter Settings API

    posted Jun 20th 2016

    #Field Formatter Settings

    The Field API in Backdrop core lacks the ability for other modules to easily
    alter field formatter settings forms and the formatter summaries. This module
    is a small API provider for other modules.


  16. Sticky Nav

    posted Jun 20th 2016

    You can use this module to make an element (such as the navigation menu or
    the header region) become sticky at the top of the page when a long page
    is scrolled.

  17. Media Element

    posted Jun 18th 2016

    Media Element provides HTML5 video and audio elements by using
    mediaelement.js . This is a jQuery based JavaScript plugin that
    enables the video and audio tags using h.264 to work under browsers
    that do not support the tag or the codec and provides a consistent

  18. File Field Sources

    posted Jun 19th 2016

    FileField Sources is a module that enhances the generic and image upload fields in Backdrop. Typically such fields only allow you to upload a file from your desktop.

  19. Fix Teaser Links

    posted Jun 18th 2016

    The “Fix Teaser Links” module is a simple module that may be used to mange the
    visibility of the links that appear below content teasers (i.e. “Add new
    comment”, “Log in or register to post comments”, “

  20. Field Permissions

    posted Dec 3rd 2015

    Field Permissions module

    The Field Permissions module allows site administrators to set field-level
    permissions for fields that are attached to any kind of entity (such as nodes
    or users).

  21. Parsedown filter

    posted Jun 5th 2016

    Provides basic and optionaly extra markdown filter integration for Backdrop input formats.
    Filter based on markdown parser with Markdown Extra support.

  22. Block Scheduler

    posted May 27th 2016

    Allows admins to schedule the visibility of blocks

  23. Alternative Pager

    posted May 27th 2016

    Alternative Pager. API for alternative pager. It is alternative view point on
    Pager functionality

    Example code or module "altpager_example":

  24. Google Fonts

    posted Jun 10th 2015

    This module enables you to add Google Fonts to your site using the Google Font API.

    It is a port to BackdropCMS of the Drupal project, version 7.x-2.3

  25. Retina Images

    posted May 20th 2016
    Retina Images

    Retina Images adds an option to all image effects included with core to allow them to output high resolution images for high DPI or retina displays.