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An EXPERIMENTAL module that changes the storage of Rules from database tables to configuration CMI
JSON files. This means you can export/import Rules the same way you export/import other
configuration files: through the Configuration Manager in the admin menu.

How to use

  • Enable the module
  • By default, this modules does NOT enable CMI storage. You need to manually enable CMI storage by visiting the configuration page at admin/config/workflow/Rules_cmi
  • If you had Rules stored in the database, you can transfer them to CMI at the module's configuration page
  • Create and save, or edit existing Rules as normal
  • To export Rules as CMI json code, head to Backdrop's Configuration Manager at admin/config/development/configuration/single/export. You can still export Rules the "old way" from the UI, but those exports will not be CMI json code (they will still work to import)

What this module can do at this point

  • Save new Rules as CMI json files, meaning you can import/export them as other config files
  • Edit and update Rules that have been created AFTER this module was enabled
  • Delete Rules
  • Clone Rules
  • Use the UI operation dropbutton to go to Configuration Manager to export the Rule CMI
  • Import Rules exported as CMI (through Configuration Manager)
  • Import Rules exported through the Rules UI (non-CMI json code)
  • Search Rules by tags and events
  • Transfer Rules from CMI storage to database storage and vice versa

What this module can't yet do

  • Autocompleting rule tags doesn't yet work



This project is GPL v2 software.
See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.