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Views style plugin to render all sorts of date fields as events with
FullCalendar 6.x.

Calendar screenshot

Supported (date) field types

If your favorite field type is missing, let us know.


Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS

Create a view with a supported date field type, select the "Fullcalendar NG"
display type and configure.

Important note: if it's a multi-value field, make sure that the "Display all values in the same
row" setting under "Multiple field settings" of that view field is not checked.

Some basic instructions are available in the

Additional event sources

FullCalendar can parse (external) json feeds for additional events. See the official
documentation about EventSources
for more information. One option to create such a resource is the
Fullcalendar Feed (Fullcalendar JSON) views format provided by this module.



Bugs and feature requests should be reported in the
Issue Queue.

Known issues

Important note: If you have the legacy Fullcalendar module beta version installed,
it's essential to either update to the stable release (1.x-2.0) or to
uninstall that one before you install Fullcalendar Views NG. Otherwise
your site will break.

See this issue for

Current maintainers

Similar modules

This module is inspired by, but in no way similar to
Fullcalendar. It has pros and

  • Pro: It utilizes a current FullCalendar library
  • Pro: It supports a lot more date (field) types
  • Pro: Simpler and more lightweight (OK, that's maybe only relevant for
  • Con: It doesn't enable you to edit these field values via calendar, only display
    (that's by intention)
  • Con: It has less settings (but also an easier configuration form)


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.