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Developing web applications doesn't need to be hard. Tandem believes in a transparent development process that simplifies difficult decisions by selecting from best-in-breed technologies.

Whether it's creating your newest marketing site with an easy-to-use CMS (content management system) or making the first prototype of your new web application, Tandem is here to be your partner in development.


Tandem's team has decades of collective Drupal experience. If you have enterprise-grade needs, Drupal is our top choice for an open source content management system. We're experts in...

  • Drupal 7 + 8

  • Backdrop CMS

  • Custom Drupal Module and Theme Development

  • Long-term Drupal Support

  • Drupal Security

  • Drupal Migrations

  • Drupal Hosting


Laravel provides a strong framework for creating custom web applications at any scale. We've helped organizations with...

  • Custom Laravel Development

  • Test-Driven Development

  • Single Sign-On and Authentication

  • PDF Manipulation and Generation

  • API Design and Implementation

  • Secure Architecture


For high-concurrency and performance demanding applications, Tandem often turns to Node.JS. We even built the entirety of our popular Lando project using Node.

  • Performant APIs

  • High Concurrency Analytics Servers

  • Cross-Device Mobile Applications

  • Cross-OS Desktop Applications


As the simplest open source content management system available, it's no surprise that WordPress powers over 30% of the Internet!

  • Custom WordPress Plugin Development

  • Advanced WordPress




“Take down this wall!”


Tandem believes that better solutions are created when we take down the walls separating stakeholders. Perhaps your development team is siloed off from your support department. Maybe marketing is leaning too heavily on surveys and isn’t talking to enough end-users. We’ve developed an expansive set of tools and techniques to eliminate these barriers.

Digital Strategy


For Tandem, digital strategy is the process of crafting a plan that will help you reach your goals. We work with you and your team to not only develop a shared understanding, but to challenge assumptions and bring fresh eyes to your organization’s problems.


Defining Goals

  • Who are the main stakeholders?

  • What do they want?

  • How do we measure those things?


Understand the Problem

  • Define the audience through user interviews, analytics, and personas.

  • Use a journey map to outline their current experience of your services

  • Identify critical pain points and areas for improvement


Architect Solutions

  • Host interactive sketching sessions to work-through potential solutions

  • Create mobile-first wireframes to formalize information architecture

  • Use moodboards and style tiles to iteratively develop a visual language formalized in a style guide

  • Code an interactive, in-browser prototype


Test + Iterate

  • Review solutions at each step with stakeholders

  • Conduct user testing sessions with our prototype

  • Iterate until we’re ready to develop our concept


Development Strategy


Tandem uses agile processes to bring stakeholders closer to the development process and coders closer to the business problems they’re solving.


Manage Projects Better w/Agile

  • Sprint schedules based around your business needs

  • Cross-functional teams bring diverse stakeholders together

  • Kanban boards make issue management easy

  • See issue history with code and conversation, side-by-side


Better QA = Less Bugs

  • Catch regressions with automated testing

  • On-demand QA environments to review important changes

  • Transparent code review to ensure fast, functional, and secure code


More Frequent, Predictable Releases

  • Regular, frequent deployments show progress in real-time and prevent large regressions

  • Sprint analytics establish a pace of development to accurately predict progress




Worried that your project has become an insatiable beast that devours development time? Victim of a revolving door of unreliable contractors?


Tandem helps you take back control of your technical destiny. We find the best way to achieve your business goals with your current resources. For some organizations, that means hiring developers or retraining your current team. For others, that means a targeted one-time refactoring of legacy software.


Whatever the solution, we’ll always give you an honest assessment with actionable advice to find the path forward.


Troubleshooting Pain Points

  • Identifying performance bottlenecks

  • Solving perplexing problems and errors

  • Recovering hacked sites


Re-architecting Legacy Systems

  • Picking the best replacement technology

  • Upgrading Drupal 6 (and earlier) sites to Drupal 8 or Backdrop


Hiring and Training Developers

  • Interviewing and finding great developers

  • Train your existing team on modern best practices




Tandem believes strongly in a “teach a developer to fish” philosophy. Where many consultancies make themselves a long-term dependency, we want your organization to succeed on its own terms. Often, that means helping to train your team to support new technologies and learn better ways of developing software.


Drupal Training

We've trekked across the United States and beyond giving Drupal trainings to our clients and at conferences. Accelerate your team's understandings of this powerful (but sometimes idiosyncratic) content management system with our experts. A few trainings we've offered in the past include...


  • A Developer’s Guide to Drupal

  • Content Creator’s Guide to Drupal

  • Advanced Drupal Module Development

  • Introduction to Drupal 8


DevOps Training

DevOps concepts like continuous integration and automated testing can create huge performance gains for your team. However, when you're always focused on the next feature or pushing for an upcoming deadline, it's difficult to make the investments in learning to introduce these needed changes. Our trainings help catalyze DevOps transformations, accommodating your team's busy schedule.


  • Introduction to Continuous Integration

  • Automated Testing for PHP Applications