Hey folks, I started working on Backdrop not knowing how to participate in a large open source project, and now I'm writing a formal communication to a community! What a ride :D

I'm stepping down from the PMC, my life has pulled me in a lot of directions in the last few years, and I haven't had the time or sanity to be very helpful as a PMC member or a contributor for a while. I'd like to promise I'll be back, but I'm not sure what the future holds; I definitely have the desire and a few ideas I wanted to try, but we'll see.

I'm a big fan of the new and long-standing folks in the PMC (not to mention so many folks I've gotten to know in the community) and I'm excited to see where the project goes :D

I'll still be around, always willing to check out issues (particularly front-endy or Basis) or answer any questions.

It's been a blast!