The PMC (Project Management Committee) for Backdrop CMS is currently considering a proposal to use formal Initiatives as a means of defining project priorities and focusing attention on important needs in the community. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, the Project Management Committee is expected to authorize an initial slate of 2-4 initiatives, with the potential for more at a later date. 

While the details are still being discussed, initiatives are expected to have the following characteristics (all subject to discussion and approval):

  1. A specific focus with specific defined goals.
  2. Structured as small working groups with an initiative lead.
  3. Initiative leads will have the authority to make decisions and move the project forward.
  4. Periodic progress review at most weekly, and at least once per release cycle.
  5. Initiatives will be listed on the Roadmap page on
  6. May have a designated core maintainer to assist and support as needed.  

In the interim, members of the Backdrop CMS community are encouraged to submit ideas and suggestions for possible initiatives in the forum. Submit your ideas here. 

We also welcome comments and discussions on the ideas that have already been submitted.