Screenshot of a comment from Drop, the Dragon.

One of our biggest goals for Backdrop is to make sure each and every member of our community has an opportunity to contribute and be heard.

Recently, Backdrop CMS made another big step toward that goal and I’m excited to announce it to all of you. We just launched the new Backdrop Forum!  (A big thank-you goes to @docwilmot who volunteered his time and efforts to get the forum off the ground.)

We already have some great discussions and questions taking place in the forum, and we see this as a very important tool for our community.

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, I encourage you to join the Backdrop Forum and exchange ideas with the rest of the community in the form of questions, answers, or discussions on any given topic.

As is the case in all  interactions with community members, the forum is a place where you will be answered with dignity and respect. Our hope is that the forum will be something we can all use regularly.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can continue to improve the Backdrop Forum, or anything else in relation to Backdrop, feel free to reach out to me. (Or better yet, start a discussion in the forum!)