Backdrop CMS 4th Birthday party in Oakland, 2019

It's that time of year, again. On Jan 15th, 2020, Backdrop turns 5 years old!

Here are a few of the things we'd like to celebrate:

  • 5 years of nurturing an enthusiastic and growing open source project.
  • 16 on time releases, each of which has contained exciting new features, bug fixes, and improvements to our user interface.
  • Our commitment and dedication to making a CMS that is both powerful and easy to use. 
  • The thousands of hours of volunteer effort that goes into Backdrop CMS every year. 
  • The growing community of users embracing Backdrop as the platform for their website, and the feedback and support we get from them.
  • The increasing number of Drupal 7 sites considering Backdrop CMS as an alternative to Drupal, as Drupal 7 reaches end of life.  

Hosting a Backdrop CMS party should be more fun than work. We recommend keeping it simple.

Step by step instructions on hosting your own local event: 

  1. Locate a venue.

    • This could be a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or a local dev shop with a meeting room.

  2. Invite your friends and colleagues that work with Backdrop, or are Backdrop-curious.

  3. Post your event on and your favorite social media channels.

    • Whoever shows up are exactly the right people! Enjoy. 

  4. Show up on Jan 15th wearing your Backdrop CMS T-Shirt, Hoodie, homemade dress, or other Backdrop paraphernalia (optional), to help new folks identify you in a potentially crowded public space. Bring your laptop if you like, in case anyone is interested in a quick informal demonstration, or leave your laptop at home and just have fun.

  5. On the night of the event, take a group selfie and share it on social media, with the hashtag #BackdropCMS.

You are welcome to do more, or plan something more complicated; but it’s better to do something small and simple, than to do nothing at all. The goal for January 15th is to have a little fun, lay the groundwork for bigger and better things down the road, and let the world know that there is a growing and enthusiastic Backdrop CMS community, which is now 5 years old.

Currently planned events (we’ll add yours when you post it on 

  1. Oakland, CA

  2. Twin Cities, MN

Nantes, France - 2019
Twin Cities Backdrop birthday party
Twin Cities, Minnesota - 2019