Event Date: 
Feb 2nd, 2023
Attend this event remotely: 

Every two weeks the Backdrop CMS community hosts a community meeting to talk about a specific issue, module, feature, or topic.

This weeks topic is Ubercart.


Meeting time:

  • UTC | 20:00 - 21:00
  • Your time zone | 12:00pm America/Los_Angeles
  • Zoom Meeting Room

We'll have at least one of the module maintainers for the port of the BackdropCMS module (from Drupal 7) available to do a short demo and take questions. We'll also be talking to Steve Moorhouse about the work he is doing to pull all the existing Drupal documentation for Ubercart into a Backdrop specific website where we can be sure we don't loose it. 


Bring your questions or experiences with Ubercart to this community meeting and join the discussion. 

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