We've made a change in how we schedule our weekly development, outreach, and design/ux meetings to better accommodate our international participants. Participants in the southern hemisphere were experiencing 4 time changes per year due to daylight savings with a total swing of 2 hours, while participants in the USA experienced consistent start times all year. 

To improve the situation, we've set the official meeting times to UTC/GMC times rather than US times. This means that anyone that lives in a time zone that uses daylight savings will see the meetings times shift twice a year and for those who don't use daylight savings time, the meeting start times will remain constant. The new meeting times are:

8pm UTC/GMT for the first (outreach/UX/design) meeting, and 9pm UTC/GMT for the second (dev) meeting. All year 'round.

To find the next meeting time adjusted to your local time zone, follow one of these links:

'Design' meeting in your timezone
'Outreach' meeting in your timezone
'Developer' meeting in your timezone