BADCamp 2019 is quickly approaching, and as per usual, Backdrop CMS will be making a big showing. In case you haven't heard, this year the camp will be at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza, instead of UC Berkeley.

Here are some of the highlights of our presence this year:

On Wednesday, we will be having our Intro to Backdrop CMS training. Normally, this happens on Thursday, but this year it's been swapped with our normal summit. If you've been curious about how Backdrop works from a site owner's perspective, this is the event you need to attend. Time is running out, however, and there's only a few spaces left, so don't delay on registering.

On Thursday, instead of our normal summit, we will be having a Backdrop CMS Mini-Camp (it's like a camp within a camp). This is a little different from our normal summit. We tried it at Twin Cities Drupal Camp and it seemed to work well, so we're doing it at BADCamp. Here, we're getting more into some of the wider things the community is doing with Backdrop. Also, as it is a mini-camp, you can submit your own session to present, if you have something you want to share about Backdrop. Just fill out the form below. An alternative is to ask for a specific topic presented by someone else. Is there something specific you want to know about Backdrop? Submit a session asking for someone to do it, here:

Fill out my webform.

Also on Thursday, we're meeting at Victory Point Cafe to have a game night and social. They dub themselves as "Berkeley's Board Game Cafe," so as well as games, food & drinks are available (check their site for the details). The fun starts at 6:00 PM.

On Friday, Nate and Jen will be giving their presentation on Backdrop to the BADCamp attendees. Come see and support them as they share where Backdrop has come after 5 years, and where it's going.

There is also a plan to do a code sprint on Sunday. The details are currently being worked out, so stay tuned and we'll post announcements as we know more.

There will most likely be other impromptu Backdrop related events and gatherings throughout the camp and plenty of opportunities to meet and chat with Backdrop minded folks, so be sure to get and stay connected before and during the camp by following @backdropcms and #BackdropCMS on Twitter.