The Backdrop community is proud to announce version 1.26 of Backdrop CMS, which was released as scheduled on September 15, 2023. As part of our commitment to deliver the most usable product, "minor" releases come out three times a year, on a regular schedule. This allows site maintainers to know when to expect updates, and they can plan accordingly. (See for more information on this)

Version 1.26 includes a few enhancements:

PHP 8.2 support

Because Backdrop is committed to maintain compatibility with PHP 5.6 as an important project value, the new features in PHP 8.2 aren't required, but Backdrop will run fine on platforms using it.  Very few web publishing systems are able to operate on as wide a range of hosting environments as Backdrop, from very old to the most cutting-edge.

jQuery 3.7.1

jQuery version 3.7.1 is a big jump from jQuery 1.12.4. jQuery 3 is the current, supported version of jQuery.  While version 1 is EOL and officially unsupported, Backdrop allows users to choose jQuery 1 through the admin UI, if they wish, in order to make sure the software is available to and usable by the broadest audience possible.

Status Report Addition

the CKEditor version is now included in the Status Report:

jQuery changes

A number of important changes have been made to Backdrop's JQuery implementation:

  • jQuery has now been updated to version 3.7.1
  • jQuery-related libraries in core have been updated to their latest relevant version
  • Deprecated jQuery methods have been replaced in core scripts
  • jQuery.once() was forked to maintain compatibility with future versions of jQuery

Link fields options

Backdrop now optionally allows Link fields to be restricted to just external or internal URLs

Themes config

Themes can now have config folders, like modules do.

New Function: user_role_has_permission()

Backdrop now includes an additional function for modules to check whether a user role includes a permission.  This allows a module developer to do something conditional on whether a role has a particular permission.